About Us

We believe it is crucial to value what this planet has given us, nature especially. In this day and age society places such a high value on technology/global advancement but they tend to put plants & the environment on the backburner.... 

The aim of Houseplantopia is to introduce a bit of plant life into everyone's home. According to studies, plants can improve indoor air quality, ease anxiety or sadness, and improve memory/focus!

Whether you think so or not, owning plants is an experience that can become deeply personal. At Houseplantopia, we value the individual relationship that each plant owner has with their plants and love being able to offer plant shopping online to our community of plant lovers!

It is our goal to share the planty spirit with as many people and bring back the days of houses being flooded with plants one order at a time!

We sincerely appreciate you coming to our shop today and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team!