Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws
Gardening Gloves w/ Claws

Gardening Gloves w/ Claws

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Save Time - The unique ergonomic design of the rubber garden gloves turns your hands into hand tools. Use the hand with the claws to rake, spread mulch and dig holes. Use the hand without the claws for picking up seeds and other tasks that require greater dexterity. You'll be amazed that you ever gardened without them.

No More Blisters - The days of getting blisters from using your rake and shovel our history. With a rubber garden gloves, all of your tools are literally at your fingertips.

• Can Handle the Thickest Thorns - The garden gloves are so durable that even thick thorns won't pierce them. Trimming your vines and roses has never been easier.

Your Hands Won't Get Wet - The garden gloves are waterproof. Planting in moist soil or trimming your bushes after it rains is never a problem.

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