Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)
Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)
Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)
Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)
Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)

Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)

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Lifetime 4' Raised Garden Bed (3 pk.)


Made with HDPE plastic with rust-resistant zinc-coated screws, the Lifetime® raised garden bed will not rot or attract insects like raised garden beds made from wood.

This kit contains three 4x4 garden beds. Four interlocking panels create the sidewalls. A weed barrier (not included) can be used on the bottom to prevent weeds and underground pests from invading your garden.

With a raised bed you can customize the soil to meet the needs of your plants, if you prefer not to use the natural soil conditions in your area. The soil in traditional gardens becomes compacted from being walked upon and this compaction slows drainage and necessitates excess tilling.

These beds are perfect for square-foot gardening, which allows you to grow 5x as many plants while using only 20% of the space used by traditional row gardens. The interlocking panels allow you the option of relocating your garden bed if necessary.


  • Perfect for square-foot gardening
  • Interlocking panels allow you to set up raised garden beds quickly
  • Use individually or stack for deeper rooting systems

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