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Sand - Levitating Planter

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The Levitating Planter is a magnetic levitating pot where you can plant any type of plant or flower. When connected to a power source, the planter levitates and rotates at 360 degrees!💚

Levitating Plants

It Has Health Benefits?!? 

  • Minimize Allergic Symptoms- The negative ions produced by the magnets in the levitating planter clear the air of air born allergens that might affect you throughout different seasons.

  • Relaxing- Negative ions are reported to have positive relaxing effects and help normalize your breathing rate. Of course, it;s visually serene calming rotation helps too.

  • Improve Sleep- Negative ions produced by the levitating planter have positive effects in normalizing the production of serotonin in the brain. (which helps you sleep)
  • Learn More About Negative Ions From Our Blog Here

    Technical Details:

    • Base size: 5.3 x 1 - 6.7 x 2.5in. (each base is slightly different)
    • Pot size: 3 x 2.3 - 3.5 x 3.1in. (each pot is slightly different)
    • Max levitating weight: 400 g
    • Floating distance: 0.2-1 inches

    We, people are blessed to be given life on planet Earth. But, we carelessly forget our virtues leading ourselves to perceive we are and can be the cause of some of Earth’s global destruction's. It is now vitally important for us to realize we are responsible for our planet and need to prevent such crisis and protect Earth.

    It takes unlimited time and immeasurable energy to heal Earth and Nature. We need to continue to endeavor for our happiness and for our future and stay connected to mother earth as much as we can.

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